Every woman is beautiful just as she is. This blog is here to showcase women's beauty and dismantle society's harmful requirement that women need to wear make-up because otherwise they are ugly and not women at all.
Picture or video submissions are very welcome.

Holiday picture. We are so shiny! :D Many more to come! 

Visiting the in-laws. :D 

Cosplaying Mal and Inara from Firefly. 

Having fun at the beach! Also doubles as one of our wedding pictures. :D 

Us at an LGBT protest. We were in the news and everything! :D All without wearing any make-up. 

Our avatar and one of our favourite pictures. It’s us at One Billion Rising on Valentine’s Day. 

We have a new blog!

After seeing one too many of those ‘Feminists are not ugly, hairy and fat’ posts and some long discussions about feminisms, society’s beauty standards and body positivity, I got this idea stuck in my brain that I really want to do something to raise awareness about this topic. Because a lot of feminists are ugly, hairy and fat by society’s harmful and oppressive beauty standards that only exist to keep women’s self esteem as low as possible so that it’s possible to sell them things to make them ‘beautiful’, when in reality, all women are beautiful just the way they are.

And it’s really important to us that people know that there is nothing wrong with being called ugly, hairy and fat, because nobody is ugly and being hairy and fat is a good thing. It means you are not policing your body for society’s standards. 

First I thought about doing something like a #artisticmakeupsaturday, to raise awareness that make-up is there to make you stand out, to make you look unique, not to conceal any flaws you do not have. And then I thought about something like #nomakeupmonday, one day a week where all women gather together and don’t wear make-up. But I don’t know if those would fly in any conceivable way, and then my awesome girlfriend came up with a great idea that sort of combines both and makes both possible in the future, by raising awareness here and now: 

A new blog! 

And with that beautifulwithoutmakeup was born. We will post pictures of us (neither of us has ever worn any make-up), and will accept submissions of pictures or videos from any female-identifying people who don’t wear make-up. 

Obviously, it’s okay if it’s only in that picture that you don’t wear any make-up. This is about raising awareness that make-up is not a choice, it’s something society ingrains in women from a very young age. And it needs to stop. Nobody needs to conceal any ‘flaws’, that only exist because society says they do.

If you want to wear artistic make-up, because you want to outwardly show how colourful and awesome you are, and how much you want to stand out and express yourself, go for it! These are submissions we will definitely accept. And once we have babies, we’ll probably experiment with that ourselves. :D